Apostle Jerry L. Marks

Senior Pastor, Overseer

Apostle Jerry L. Marks is the visionary, senior pastor and overseer of Power For Life Ministries Int’l which was founded and established by him through the power of God’s grace, love and anointing in December 2001. 


In the mid 1990’s God began to reveal Himself to Apostle Marks through dreams and personal visitations. He knew by the age of 10 that he was called and chosen by God to preach the Word of God. 


After years of being a mighty soldier in the devil’s army, Apostle Marks gave his life completely to God in June 1999.

Apostle Marks is a visionary, strategist, innovator, pioneer, entrepreneur and one of the greatest voices on Spiritual Warfare and the Establishment of God’s Kingdom for the end-times.  


He has been given by direct revelation from God, strategies, revelations, patterns, and plans for the End-Time Church, The Body of Christ, and the Bride of Christ. 

Apostle Marks’ motto has always been “Follow me as I follow Christ.”  


He is diligent and compassionate about lost souls and the transforming Power of Christ. He has the ability to enable a diverse audience to understand and know how to apply the teachings of Christ in their daily lives. 


Apostle Marks attended Georgia College and South Georgia College with studies in Business Administration. He also matriculated through Trinity Christian University with a degree in Christian Counseling. 


During Mr. Marks 16 years of working for the Georgia Department of Corrections, Mr. Marks advanced as a member of the Upper Management team advancing through ranks to become a Deputy Warden of Security receiving numerous awards for his leadership skills and abilities. 


During Mr. Marks’ time of employment with the Georgia Department of Corrections, Mr. Marks became a Certified Training and Firearms Instructor. He also obtained a Leadership Award, Faithful Service Award, just to name a few. 

Mr. Marks was selected by the Commissioner’s Office to attend the Correctional Leadership Institute Training which was offered through the University of Georgia. “Only the people who were considered to be the Bright Stars of the Future were selected for this training.” 


Also during Mr. Marks’ career, he obtained certificates in the following: Basic and Advanced Mental Health, Corrective Thinking, Performance Management Process Training and Behavior Management Systems Pilot Training. Mr. Marks was also certified as an Adjunct Instructor which allowed him to train other department staff from around the state. 


Upon retiring, Mr. Marks left a legacy of loyalty, dedication, commitment and years of great leadership, which will forever be remembered by the number of individuals that he mentored, encouraged and inspired to become supervisors and managers themselves. 


Apostle Marks is now utilizing his education, organizational, structure and discipline skills to advance the Kingdom of God! 


Away from the pulpit, you will always find him gazing into the eyes of his wife, Prophetess Cheryl D. Marks and spending quality time with their son Joshua. 




Apostle Jerry L. Marks 


“Destroying the works of the devil by establishing the Kingdom of God!” 


Prophetess Dr. Cheryl Marks

Executive Pastor

Prophetess Dr. Cheryl Marks, a woman of abundant wisdom! She serves in ministry devotedly to the mandate of God for her life alongside her husband, Apostle Jerry L. Marks.

Together, they have partnered with God for the redemptive plan for all mankind! 


“Her guiding principles for life and living are biblically based, values driven, socially impactful, intercultural appealing and relevant to the times in which we live.” 


Prophetess Marks is a prophetic intercessor who prays with precision, destroying the works of the enemy.  She’s an End-time prophet with a prophetic voice conveying revelatory insight to the lost and the saved. 


Her focus is to translate powerful truth and spiritual insight into everyday language that equips and empower individuals to transform their lives and communities, while preparing them for spiritual and corporate success. 


She’s a true representative and ambassador of the Kingdom of God in her sphere of influence.


Prophetess Marks is one of the accomplished co-authors of best seller Dreamer on the Rise, compiled by Dr. Kishma A. George, Foreword by Les Brown and Endorsed by Farrah Gray.

She's also the author of best seller, "I was labeled Spoiled UNTIL I Met God!" 


Prophetess Marks' assiduousness and passion for contending for the faith while helping others succeed, has been recognized in various spotlights such as: TOP 40 MOST INFLUENTIAL DREAMERS, SHAKERS & MOVERS, by K.I.S.H Magazine, THE SUPERNATURAL WOMAN, featuring supernatural women who are getting supernatural results, WOMEN OF VISION TRAILBLAZERS, women who pursued their God-Inspired Dreams into ACTION, HE CHOSE ME SPOTLIGHT, featuring women WALKING IN PURPOSE & SAYING YES to GOD, INSIDE COVER of KINGDOM STYLE MAGAZINE in the entrepreneurial section, with a written article featuring, "LET'S TALK MONEY w/Cheryl Marks, and TOP 15 DREAMERS ON THE RISE! 


Prophetess Marks believes: “Leadership does not come with titles along; but it comes with a stewardship of our influence. We are either leading people toward their purpose or away from it. We are either empowering people or disempowering them. We are either helping people to fulfill what they have been called to do or promoting lifestyles of complacency.”

She's the President of Women Of Vision. She spearheads the Global Engagement against Human Trafficking and she’s the Co-founder and Chancellor of Christian Leadership Institute with a Kingdom Perspective.


Prophetess Marks is the Creator of the following mentorship & coaching programs: DREAMERS & DOERS, FRESH START ENTREPRENEURS & TURNING SINGLES INTO SPOUSES!

She's also the creator of the online school Learn@Marks500, please visit: TODAY!


Prophetess Mark matriculated through Kingdom School of Ministry with an academic discipline in Global Leadership under the guidance of Chancellor, Dr. Cindy Trimm, one of Ebony’s top 100 doers and influencers in the world today. 

 Kingdom blessings!  


I look forward to meeting you real soon! 




Prophetess Dr. Cheryl Marks, Life-Strategist, Leadership/Marketplace Coach, Best Selling Author & Kingdom Educator

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