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In this life-transforming message “God’s Promises for Prosperity,” Apostle Jerry L. Marks reveals an in-depth and comprehensive look at prosperity.

This book will help you discover God’s plan for prosperity and how to obtain the phenomenal amounts of wealth through God’s prepared plan that He has already instated for mankind. No longer will you feel as though wealth is farfetched; but you will learn the wisdom needed and the necessary deviations that you must make in order to experience the blueprint for God’s Promises for Prosperity.


“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”



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  • This book is a real game-changer!!! It will forever change your view about prosperity. Many have been wondering just how do we obtain and walk in sustainable prosperity, well the guidance is inside of this book. Thanks Apostle Jery L. Marks! We defintely needed this one! -Blessings!

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